» MAGIC, MAGIC (2013)  Emily as Sara

"I’ve actually got turned down for a lot of roles because I’m not bubbly enough. People have told me to be more ‘up’, but I can’t, really. I find it hard to be smiley and giggly all the time."

Emily Browning for V Magazine


Everyone has an Angel. A Guardian who watches over us. We can’t know what form they’ll take. One day, old man. Next day, little girl. But don’t let appearances fool you, they can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they’re not here to fight our battles, but to whisper from our heart. Reminding that it’s us. Its everyone of us who holds power over the world we create.

Emily Browning as Hayley in Plush

Emily Browning for Bullet 


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Emily Browning

"I tend to over-analyse things. I’m not the type of person to flip a coin and let things happen."

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Emily Browning appreciation post (Sleeping Beauty 2011)

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